Tip: Getting grains on the Table

July 19th, 2012 | by Pam Stuppy
Published in: Nutrition Tips

Are you in a rut with the grains you put on the table?  There are a number of whole grains available that can expand the tasty options you have at meals and also give a boost to your fiber and nutrient intake.  Why not try a new grain this week – like quinoa, bulgur, brown rice, or barley.  Go online to find recipes that include these grains.  Most can be prepared similar to rice in that you simmer them in about twice the amount of water or other liquid.  Be creative with added spices, herbs, vegetables, or dried fruit.  An example might be barley with apples and dried cranberries to go with pork.  Another might be sautéed onions and mushrooms added to cooked quinoa.


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